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Side Loader Garbage Waste Vehicle with multiple RVS Cameras mounted on the Rear, Hopper, Side Mirrors and Front Dash


RVS has provided bespoke Camera System Solutions to the Waste industry for over 35 years. What began with a simple single reversing camera has now grown to a complex multiple Camera System Solution, including a Mobile DVR with remote access to live camera streaming and GPS tracking. RVS understand every Waste vehicle is different, and so are their Camera System requirements, which is why we offer tailor-made solutions based on your requirements. Our solutions allow you to have a full surround view of your truck and even internal views if needed, to create a safer and easier experience.

Camera Positions

Cameras are installed around the truck to your requirements. However, these are the most frequent positions.

  • Rear Camera - Easily view vehicles and objects behind the truck and will auto-activate on reverse
  • Front Facing Camera - Mounted on the front of the vehicle to record forward-facing views in case of an incident
  • Mirror cameras - See blind spots down the sides of the truck with mirror mounted cameras
  • Hopper Camera - Monitor waste/recycling intake for contamination
  • Arm Camera - View bin pickups for ease and safety

Alarm Buttons

MDVR alarm buttons allow customers to create multiple custom triggers for reporting. Pressing each alarm button logs specific set events, such as contamination, within the MDVR. Images, location and time, is some of the data that can be paired with alarms to show when, where, and what happened.

Safety and Monitoring

Multiple Cameras allow for a 360-degree view around the vehicle. Importantly there is no video delay for an operator viewing the RVS Camera System Solution, unlike some other Waste Solution Camera products on the market. Typically a Side Lift Waste Compactor will have 6 – 7 Cameras fitted, and a Rear Load Waste Compactor will have 4 – 6. Our MDVRs allow customers to track, view and monitor all of their trucks live or at any time. DVRs include multiple options for vehicle monitoring, including live video, live GPS, alarm buttons for contamination and custom triggers, speed, and more.

Instant Global Live Tracking via ROAM Software


Track your vehicles live or in playback!


Cameras give the operator clear view for safe operating!
Instant Global Live Tracking via ROAM Software


Record camera images for live or playback monitoring!

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